PCYC History and what we do …

The PCYC was formed by a group of boating enthusiasts in 2010 to support yachting events and water sports in Grenada, particularly in the Calivigny Bay area on the south coast of Grenada.

By organizing small boat races and other water-related events throughout the year, we offer sailors of all skill levels and age groups a friendly environment in which to learn more about boating, as well as the opportunity to get out there and participate in some water sport activities. We also strive to develop friendly camaraderie and Club awareness by hosting fun social activities for our members and friends.

In addition to that, another of our key objectives is to promote boating education and the sharing of information, and our various activities allow PCYC members to not only share their boating knowledge and experiences with each other, but also with members of the community.

To date, some of the successful and fun-filled events organized by our Club include:

  • Laser fleet races & Laser match races
  • Hobie Cat match races
  • Dinghy Poker Runs
  • Blind Folded Dinghy Races.
  • Grand Anse Beach Bar tours.
  • End of Month Limes
  • South Coast Marina dinghy tour.
  • Hobie Cat workshop
  • Wednesday Fun Sails.
  • Christmas Beach Barbecue.
  • Rush 10 match races.
  • Beach Volleyball at Hog Island.
  • Glover Island Boat Raft-Up.
  • Multi-National Thanksgiving Celebration.
  • Kid’s Crafts Afternoon.

The PCYC is a great place to make new friends, hone some new skills, and have a fun time while doing so. Plans for other great racing and social activities are already underway so stay tuned for more information on these upcoming Club events.

PCYC Executive Committee


Members of the 2023/24 PCYC Executive Committee include:

  • Commodore: Richard St John
  • Vice Commodore: Mike Bingley
  • Treasurer: Tracy Batcheler
  • Secretary: Rosie Burr
  • John Whitsett
  • Devin Nelles
  • Dave Schiever
  • Carol Gorvett
  • Linda Gamble